Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

Georgia's Pre-K Work Sampling System Assessment Program

All Georgia Pre-K classrooms use a formative assessment called Work Sampling System to measure children’s progress across 69 indicators in seven domains of learning. All indicators are aligned with the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). Teachers assess children throughout the year and use the data to individualize instruction and provide guidance to families. In addition, DECAL and the Georgia Department of Education have partnered to make sure the assessment data is transferred at the end of the Pre-K year and is available to the child’s teacher at the beginning of Kindergarten. Work Sampling System was developed by Dr. Samuel J. Meisels and is distributed by Pearson Early Learning.

WSO Assessment Support (Help Ticket)

If you are experiencing a problem or need assistance with Georgia Pre-K WSO, submit a Help Ticket to the Pre-K Assessment Support Team.