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Contact List - Child Care
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Email Title Name Phone
Email For questions and inquiries Child Care Services 404-657-5562
Email Assistant Commissioner for Child Care Kristie Lewis 404-657-5562
Email Child Care Services Director Elisabetta Kasfir 404-657-5562
Email Child Care Services Director Rhonda Parker 404-463-0658
Email Child Care Services Director Melissa Davis 404-656-6241
Email Child Care Services Director April Rogers 404-656-6067
Email Administrative and Policy Manager Sherry Smith 404-657-5580
Email Exemption Unit Manager Rita Lang 404-463-0914
Email Exemption Program Specialist Iko Blackmon 404-657-5598
Email CCS - Receptionist Lauris Cooper 404-657-5562
Email Administrative Asst. Rosheda Doe 404-463-1148
Email Administrative Asst. Dorothy Mitchell 404-657-5567
Email Administrative Asst. Pamela Stoner 404-657-5568
Email Administrative Asst. Shenina Broaders 404-657-1512
Email Administrative Asst. Shaheedah El-Amin 404-651-8264

If you have a question or inquiry concerning child care rules or licensing, please send an email to or call (404) 657-5562.

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