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Contact List - Nutrition
Email Title Name Phone
Email Director Falita Flowers 404-656-6452
Email Program Administrative Assistant Leslie Truman 404-657-1779
Email Policy Administrator Sonja Adams 404-651-8193
Email Program Coordinator/Application Supervisor Christy McCray 404-651-7191
Email Business Operations Specialist Tammie Baldwin 404-656-6332
Email Application Specialist Demetria Thornton 404-463-2182
Email Application Specialist Paula Lawrence 404-463-2111
Email Training Manager Takisha Golden 404-651-7426
Email Training Coordinator Sylvia Boykin 404-463-2317
Email Technical Assistance Coordinator Danna Foster 770-357-7062
Email Technical Assistance Coordinator Meggan Hemans-Reese 678-222-7787
Email Technical Assistance Coordinator Lakisha Robinson 478-314-2806
Email Budget Analyst Tanya Astin 404-651-7181
Email Nutrition Outreach Manager Shani Drake 404-656-3221
Email Nutrition Compliance Manager Tamika Boone 404-656-6292
Email Nutrition Compliance Manager Kay Mayfield 404-651-7433
Email Compliance Administrator Bridgette Merritt 404-463-4093
Email Nutrition Consultant Luetricia Billingsley 770-359-5806
Email Nutrition Consultant Sherrie Mullis 229-584-1289
Email Nutrition Consultant Sonya James 770-357-7012
Email Nutrition Consultant Tikiyha Ancrum 770-359-3749
Email Nutrition Consultant Valerie Coulton 770-357-4927
Email Nutrition Consultant Tabitha Moreland 478-599-9801
Email Nutrition Consultant Robyn Parham 678-891-5866
Email Nutrition Consultant Aleshia Golden 678-222-7789
Email Nutrition Consultant Secanda Jewell 770-359-4401
Email Nutrition Consultant Glen Clardy 770-359-5809

If you would like to submit a complaint concerning a Child and Adult Care Food Program or Summer Food Service Program sponsor, childcare facility, day care home provider or Summer Food Service Program site, please send an email to or call (678) 717-5364.

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