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Contact List - Nutrition
Email Title Name Phone
Email Assistant Commissioner for Federal Programs Deidria Bolden 404-657-5562
Email Director Falita Flowers 404-656-6452
Email Program Administrative Assistant Leslie Truman 404-657-1779
Email Policy Administrator Sonja Adams 404-651-8193
Email Program Coordinator/Application Supervisor Christy McCray 404-651-7191
Email Business Operations Specialist Tammie Baldwin 404-656-6332
Email Business Operations Specialist Rommel Telfair 404-463-4040
Email Application Specialist Martinita Smiley-Smith 404-651-7426
Email Application Specialist Demetria Thornton 404-463-2182
Email Application Specialist Paula Lawrence 404-463-2111
Email Nutrition Education Grant Project Manager Jennifer Popadiuk 404-463-4093
Email Nutrition Education Grant Asst. Brenda Bing 404-463-5595
Email Training Coordinator Sylvia Boykin 404-463-2317
Email Technical Assistance Coordinator Meggan Hemans-Reese 404-651-7192
Email Budget Analyst Tanya Astin 404-651-7181
Email Nutrition Outreach Manager Shani Drake 404-656-3221
Email Nutrition Compliance Manager Tamika Stubbs 404-656-6292
Email Nutrition Compliance Manager Kay McCorkle 404-651-7433
Email Nutrition Consultant Luetricia Billingsley 770-359-5806
Email Nutrition Consultant Sherrie Mullis 229-584-1289
Email Nutrition Consultant Sonya James 770-357-7012
Email Nutrition Consultant Bridgette Merritt 770-357-7062
Email Nutrition Consultant Valerie Coulton 770-357-4927
Email Nutrition Consultant Tabitha Moreland 478-599-9801
Email Nutrition Consultant Robyn Parham 678-891-5866
Email Nutrition Consultant Aleshia Golden 678-222-7789
Email Nutrition Consultant Secanda Jewell 770-359-4401
Email Nutrition Consultant Glen Clardy 770-359-5809

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