Create a modern system that can be easily accessed and managed by both internal and external customers to support the delivery of quality Georgia's Pre-K Programs statewide.

On July 1, 2024, Georgia’s Pre-K Program will transition from using the Pre-K Application and Database Access (PANDA) system to the new Georgia’s Pre-K System (GAPREK).

This webpage contains FAQs, communication materials, and other resources to facilitate a smooth transition to GAPREK. We encourage you to visit this site often for updates.

The new online system will enhance the user experience with a refreshed and efficient platform. GAPREK will allow Pre-K providers to do everything they could do on PANDA...and more, as a one-stop destination simplifying provider interactions and processes.

If you have any questions about GAPREK, email GAPREK.support@decal.ga.gov. We are committed to supporting Georgia’s Pre-K Program providers as we make this significant transition.

GAPREK Training Dates/Locations

This section informs you about training opportunities that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use the new GAPREK system proficiently.

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GAPREK Tutorial Videos

This section will provide valuable video tutorials on how to use GAPREK.

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GAPREK Provider Portal User Guides

Coming soon! This section will provide GAPREK user guides, including manuals and quick reference guides.

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This section provides clear and concise answers to common questions to help you resolve issues quickly and gain a deeper understanding of the system. The FAQs are updated periodically.

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GAPREK Provider Communication

Coming soon! This section will contain current, up-to-date communications regarding GAPREK.

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GAPREK Provider Webinars

This section features GAPREK provider webinars, including system-related town halls and informational sessions.

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