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ARRA Projects

In partnership with Georgia Department of Human Services, Bright from the Start has received ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) to help improve the quality of programs and services to Georgia's children and families. Following are the 10 projects Bright from the Start is administering:

  1. Mini grants to centers, groups and homes -- $2.9M
  2. Pre-K equipment and supplies -- $1.75M
  3. Scholarships for higher credentials -- $4+M
  4. Professional Development Registry -- $0.5M
  5. Online content standards -- $0.5M
  6. Online teaching modules (developmentally appropriate) -- $0.9M
  7. Infant Toddler Network -- $1.25M
  8. KOALA -- $1.6+M
  9. Joint Quality Initiative -- $5.4M
  10. Summer Transition Project -- $2.7M

To find budget information about Bright from the Start, please go to the General Assembly web site for the appropriations bills. You may also visit the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget web site for the Governor's recommendations and any budget vetoes.

Budget Links:

Appropriations by General Assembly

Governor's Budget Recommendations

Quality Rated

Facility Health, Safety & Quality Reports

Facility License Revocations

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